Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles Just Amplified, You Need To See This

Hey there, folks! Today, let’s dive into the latest chapter of the Hunter Biden saga. Buckle up, because this one’s got all the twists and turns you can handle!

So, here’s the deal: Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is facing some serious allegations. His ex-stripper mistress, Lunden Roberts, has called him out for dodging court orders and playing a mean game of hide-and-seek. Yeah, you heard it right!

Roberts recently filed a motion, demanding that the court take action against Biden for not following the rules. The main issue here is Biden’s refusal to spill the beans on his income and assets. Now, that’s a big deal in their child support case, where Roberts is seeking to lower the whopping $20,000 monthly payment.

But wait, there’s more! Roberts’s lawyer is throwing down, claiming that Biden’s been giving them the runaround and wasting their precious time. They’re seeking $20,000 to cover the expenses caused by all these wild goose chases and the need for constant court intervention. Ouch!

And that’s not all! Roberts wants their daughter’s last name changed to Biden. Can you imagine that? Hoping to ride the coattails of the famous family name, she’s looking to give her little one an extra boost. Talk about making moves!

But hold on, folks, this isn’t the first time Hunter Biden’s found himself in hot water. The FBI recently refused to hand over a subpoenaed document related to an alleged criminal scheme involving Biden. Now, that’s raising eyebrows and making folks wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes.

According to Roberts’s lawyer, Biden’s tactics in this case are straight out of the “Biden litigation playbook.” Dodging financial responsibilities and playing games with discovery seem to be his go-to moves. And get this, despite claiming he’s broke, Biden’s living it up in Malibu, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, with Secret Service protection. Hmm, something doesn’t add up!

Folks, it’s time for some accountability! The court needs to step in, enforce the rule of law, and make sure Hunter Biden owns up to his obligations. We can’t let these shenanigans slide, especially when they involve someone so closely connected to the President of the United States.

Stay tuned, my friends! The Hunter Biden saga is far from over. We’ll keep you in the loop as this wild ride continues. Remember, transparency, justice, and holding those in power accountable are the bedrock of our democracy. Don’t let them play hide-and-seek with the truth!

Source Fox News