How Biden Used False Stats to Justify his Actions, You’ll Be SHOCKED To Know

A group of Republican senators is seeking transparency from the Biden administration regarding the correction of unused fossil fuel permits, which were blamed on a “reporting discrepancy.”

Led by Sen. Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma, the senators are requesting more information from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Tracy Stone-Manning, asking how the discrepancy occurred and why permit figures haven’t been reported for October and November, a timeframe coinciding with the 2022 midterm election.

The Republican lawmakers are also questioning why the administration used the inaccurate figures to justify decreased oil and gas leasing.

The senators’ letter highlighted that many of the permits that have been awarded to oil and gas companies are tied up in legal battles, require additional permitting, or need additional leases to be fully developed.

The BLM is fully aware of such leasing dynamics. Senator Mullin said, “The Biden administration has been gas-lighting our domestic energy producers for the past two years.

Now that the truth has come to light, Biden officials are quietly walking back their false statements hoping no one will take notice. Our producers can’t do their jobs when they face roadblocks from this administration at every turn.

Global energy demands are increasing, and someone must rise to meet them. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be us.”