Hawaii Fire Ignored by Biden: ‘Words Don’t Matter,’ Say Dem Strategists – An Outrageous Turn?

The unthinkable has occurred: President Joe Biden’s refusal to comment on the Hawaii fire tragedy has left the nation stunned and questioning the priorities of the current administration. The statement that “words don’t matter” is a shocking revelation, especially at a time when words are what the American people need most.

Conservatives are rightly outraged, demanding more from the President and rejecting the Democrats’ insistence that “He’s a nice person.” While being nice may be a commendable trait, it is not a substitute for leadership, empathy, and action.

The Hawaii fire is not a minor incident to be ignored; it is a national tragedy that deserves attention, compassion, and a clear response from the highest office in the land. The silence from the White House sends a disturbing message to the American people, undermining trust and confidence in the administration.

This unthinkable silence is more than a political misstep; it’s a failure of leadership that resonates deeply with conservatives and anyone who believes in the importance of empathy, accountability, and the power of words. The nation deserves more, and it’s time for the administration to step up and deliver.

Source Fox news