Former Clinton Pollster Goes Off On Biden, You Won’t Believe What He Said

Can you guess what a former Clinton pollster recently said about Biden that has everyone applauding?

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Mark Penn, former Clinton pollster and CEO of Stagwell Group, expressed his concern over Biden’s sinking approval rating, now at just 36%. He believes the Democrats are jumping ship, questioning Biden’s fitness for continued office.

Penn calls Biden’s rushed re-election announcement a mistake, as new Washington Post/ABC poll results show Trump leading Biden by
six points and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leading Biden by five.

This poll has sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party, as Biden’s re-election announcement was supposed to garner support, not drive his numbers down.

Penn compares the situation to a potential Titanic disaster for
the Democratic Party, emphasizing the need for change.

With this new information, it’s clear that America needs Trump back in
office to lead our nation to greatness once again.

As doubts about Biden’s fitness for office continue to rise, it’s time for us to rally behind Trump and ensure his victory in the 2024 election.

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