Flood Victims Left in the Lurch, The Reason Why Will Infuriate YOU

California’s struggle with extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, wildfires, and now floods, is a testament to the consequences of poor leadership.

With residents grappling with the aftermath of recent floods, Governor Gavin Newsom stepped up to offer $42 million in relief aid for the affected community.

Unfortunately, the reality was far from the promise. Breitbart reported that relief workers in Pajaro, California, were furious upon discovering that only $300,000 of the pledged $42 million was available.

Newsom’s misleading promise was met with disappointment and frustration. The funds Newsom referenced were actually part of a COVID relief package provided by former President Trump through United Way and USDA.

However, it appears that the money hasn’t reached the people who need it the most. The hardworking, predominantly Hispanic community of Pajaro was left with a mere $300,000 to rebuild their lives.

The majority of the affected residents will only receive a $600 check, which is hardly enough to cover the extensive damages to their homes and businesses.

Moreover, most insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage caused by storms or natural disasters.

Newsom was aware that only $300,000 was available through this program, yet he chose to mislead the public by announcing $42 million in aid.

His actions seem to be driven by a desire for acclaim, rather than genuine concern for the community.

The responsibility of breaking the news fell on the United Way’s president, who had to explain that residents would only receive 1% of the promised aid.

Such behavior from the governor showcases the lack of leadership and transparency that many have come to expect from left-leaning politicians.

Source https://thepatriotjournal.com/california-floods-gavin-newsom-relief/