Did They Just Reveal The FUTURE of AI Regulation?, You Need To See This

Senator Gary Peters, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is planning to hold a series of hearings on artificial intelligence (AI) to educate members of Congress about the emerging technology.

Peters intends to have hearings each time the Senate returns for a work period, covering different AI topics to gain a better understanding of the technology’s current status, future direction, opportunities, and threats.

The senator wants to hear from a broad range of speakers, including private and nonprofit sectors, government officials, business leaders, ethicists, and civil rights and civil liberties advocates, to gain a comprehensive picture of AI.

Peters’ panel had its first AI hearing in March, examining the technology’s risks and opportunities. The next hearing will likely cover the use of AI in the public sector, focusing on government applications.

Peters believes that taking the time to learn as much as possible about AI is crucial before considering regulation. The senator thinks that regulation could impede innovation unnecessarily and that AI offers significant benefits that policymakers must consider.

Peters introduced a bill in 2020 that was signed into law, which aims to educate government employees who procure AI technology for their offices about its capabilities and risks.

Source Fox News