Dems Sweating Over Stacey Abrams, NOT Something You Want To Miss

Stacey Abrams, a prominent figure in Georgia politics, is considering running for office again, but several Democrats are not excited about her potential candidacy.

While speaking with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Abrams stated that political office is just one tool she intends to use to address critical issues and achieve long-term change.

She didn’t clarify whether she will challenge Republican Governor Brian Kemp in the next election.

According to the AJC, more than three dozen Democratic officials, party leaders, and activists suggest that Abrams may not have the same unified support she enjoyed after her first defeat to Kemp in 2018.

Some Democrats believe that another charismatic Democrat could take them all the way in 2026 and that it’s time for new, fresh candidates to emerge and take the party forward. Several Democrats are worried that Abrams may not have the same support as before and that she could lose again in a third election.

Despite these concerns, Abrams remains a powerful campaigner and an excellent organizer. Many Democrats credit her with laying the groundwork for the party’s 2020 gains and mobilizing voters in key communities.

However, Democrats are eager to find new and fresh candidates who can energize voters and win elections.

The future of the Democratic Party in Georgia depends on its ability to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.