Dems on the Brink, You’ll Want to Read This Breaking News

As President Joe Biden continues to delay announcing his re-election bid, his falling approval ratings are a significant concern. His approval rating has dropped to 38% in a recent poll, and several Americans have expressed disappointment with his performance, particularly with regard to inflation and the economy.

According to experts, low approval ratings could make it harder for Biden to get things done in his second term, should he win re-election. A lack of political capital means he would have less leverage with lawmakers to pass key legislation, which could undermine his ability to implement his agenda.

Additionally, as the threat of legal challenges looms large over his administration, Biden’s ability to navigate the challenges of a second term could be further complicated.

Whether it’s the ongoing investigation into his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, the indictment of former President Donald Trump, or any other potential legal issues, Biden will have to grapple with these challenges if he wants to win a second term.