Can You BELIEVE This Celebrity’s Advice for Democrats on Trump’s Scandal?

“Real Time” host Bill Maher warned Democrats about the possible risks of pursuing the indictment of former President Donald Trump over the Stormy Daniels affair.

Maher compared this situation to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment due to his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, which ultimately did not hurt Clinton’s approval rating. Maher advised Democrats to concentrate on more severe offenses committed by Trump, as focusing on the sex scandal could backfire.


Despite scandals, Bill Clinton had a 73% approval rating, implying sex scandals are ineffective against presidents.
Millennials are largely uninformed and uninterested in the Clinton scandal, suggesting a limited impact on future voters.

The media is already expressing doubts about the strength of the case against Trump, which may not yield the desired outcome for Democrats.
Both Clinton and Trump faced public scrutiny over their private lives and the effects of their actions on their families.
Trump has committed more severe crimes, such as obstruction of justice and inciting insurrection, which Democrats should focus on.


As a passionate Republican, it’s fascinating to watch Democrats potentially repeat past mistakes by focusing on a sex scandal rather than the more severe offenses committed by Trump during his presidency.

Bill Maher’s warning serves as a reminder that Democrats may be playing right into the hands of Republicans by giving them ammunition for the upcoming elections. If Democrats want to take down Trump effectively, they need to prioritize the more significant offenses and not get sidetracked by salacious details.