Biden’s Staggering Lack of Follow-Up, You Won’t Guess Why This Time

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has accused President Biden of being absent from the debt limit negotiations and urged him to find common ground.

McCarthy reminded Biden of their meeting on February 1st, where both sides discussed raising the debt ceiling, and claimed that Biden has since dropped the ball on negotiations.

McCarthy argued that Biden’s extreme position of refusing to negotiate meaningful changes to government spending alongside an increase in the debt limit is putting the already fragile economy in jeopardy.

McCarthy outlined several avenues that would reduce the national debt, including limiting out-year growth, reclaiming unspent COVID funds, and strengthening work requirements. McCarthy said he is prepared to sit down with the president to discuss the means to achieve savings and grow the economy.

He requested that White House staff contact the speaker’s office by the end of the week to set a date for their next meeting.