Biden’s Silent Treatment of the Media Raises Eyebrows, Take Two Guesses Why

Questions continue to swirl about President Biden’s reluctance to take questions from the press, and tensions between the White House and the media are on the rise. During a recent exchange with reporters, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the President’s record on taking questions, claiming that he has taken ‘more shouted questions’ than any previous President.

While it is important for the press to be able to ask tough questions of our elected officials, it is also important for the President to be able to communicate his message effectively. It is possible that the White House has a strategy for how they want to handle the press, and we should not rush to judge without knowing all the facts.

However, it is important for the President to remain accountable to the American people and not shy away from tough questions. A free and open press is essential to a healthy democracy, and it is important that the White House and the media work together to ensure transparency and accountability.

As Republicans, we must continue to hold our elected officials accountable, regardless of their political affiliation. We must demand transparency from our government and the media, and ensure that the American people have access to the information they need to make informed decisions.