Biden’s Secret Admission Revealed, You’ll Never Guess What Does It Mean For The Future

President Biden’s inadvertent admission regarding the chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border has shed light on the long-standing crisis that has plagued our nation.

During a recent interaction with reporters, Biden acknowledged the existence of chaos and the need for fully funding border security efforts.

Since assuming office, the Biden administration has failed to effectively address the border situation. Despite having control of Congress, they have neglected to utilize allocated funding and hindered previous border reinforcement measures.

Their decisions, such as terminating successful policies and failing to extend Title 42, have only exacerbated the chaos.

The president’s attempts to shift blame onto a divided Congress are unfounded. House Republicans have taken proactive steps to address the crisis through the Secure the Border Act.

This comprehensive bill aims to strengthen border security, increase the number of border patrol agents, and put an end to flawed policies like catch and release.

It is time for Republicans to unite behind the Secure the Border Act and hold the Biden administration accountable.

The expiration of Title 42 is expected to result in a surge of encounters at the border, further highlighting the urgency for action. We cannot tolerate the record-breaking numbers of apprehended migrants and the disorder at our border any longer.

Source Fox News