Biden SPENDING Bonanza And The UNLIKELY Team Trying To Stop Him

The REIN IN Act, a bill requiring the White House to assess the inflationary effect of President Biden’s executive orders before they are issued, has passed in the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

The bill aims to put a stop to the costly policies imposed by the Biden administration, which the GOP believes is causing the highest inflation levels seen in decades. Despite opposition from some Democrats, the REIN IN Act has received support from 59 Democrats, showing that inflation is a concern that needs to be addressed.


  • The REIN IN Act requires the White House to assess the inflationary effect of executive orders with an annual budgetary effect of $1 billion or more before they are issued.
  • The bill has bipartisan support, with 59 Democrats joining their Republican colleagues in voting for it.
  • Republicans have cited Biden’s executive orders, such as revoking the Keystone XL pipeline permit and requiring the government to move toward buying only electric-only vehicles over the next decade, as examples of policies that have had inflationary effects.
  • Democrats have rejected GOP arguments, with some insisting that massive spending bills like the American Rescue Plan have helped to tame inflation.
  • The REIN IN Act aims to force President Biden to recognize the impact of inflation on American families and businesses and make him think twice before imposing costly new rules on the public.


The REIN IN Act is an important bill that will help to address the concerns of American families and businesses regarding the high levels of inflation caused by the Biden administration’s policies.

While some Democrats have pushed back against the GOP’s arguments, the fact that 59 Democrats supported the bill shows that inflation is a concern that needs to be addressed on a bipartisan basis.

The bill will force President Biden to consider the potential inflationary effects of his executive orders before they are issued, preventing further harm to the American economy. It’s time for our leaders to come together and address the issue of inflation for the sake of our families and businesses.