Biden QUOTES Dr. Seuss And You Couldn’t PREDICT What Happened Next

President Biden’s recent quotation of Dr. Seuss in honor of Read Across America Day may have come as a surprise to some, given his previous efforts to erase the beloved children’s author from the event.

Just two years ago, Biden removed any mention of Dr. Seuss from the same proclamation to mark Read Across America Day, following the lead of progressives who seek to cancel the author over allegations of “strong racial undertones” in his books.

But on Wednesday, Biden sang a different tune, favorably quoting Dr. Seuss to emphasize the importance of reading. “Books impart lessons that enrich our lives, stimulate our curiosity, promote contemplation and reflection, and affirm the myriad possibilities available to every person,” Biden said. “Reading transports kids to unique places where they can embrace unfamiliar ideas, develop their own intellect, and spark creativity in their lives.”

This flip-flop is just the latest example of the cancel culture that has taken hold in our country, with progressives seeking to erase history and silence dissenting voices.

As Republicans, we must stand up against this dangerous trend and defend our cherished values of free speech, open debate, and intellectual diversity.

Dr. Seuss may not be perfect, but his books have inspired generations of children to love reading and explore new ideas. We cannot let the cancel culture warriors erase his legacy and silence his voice. Instead, we must celebrate the joy and wonder of reading, and encourage our children to explore diverse perspectives and cultures through the eyes of others.

So let us stand together, Republicans, and defend our values against the forces of cancel culture. Let us celebrate the power of reading to open doors of opportunity and build greater awareness about the complex world around us.

And let us honor the educators, parents, librarians, authors, mentors, and everyone who fosters the power of reading to enrich our lives and inspire us to dream big.

As we celebrate Read Across America Day, let us also remember the importance of intellectual freedom and the need to protect it from those who seek to silence voices they disagree with.

We cannot allow our children to be taught that certain ideas or authors are off-limits simply because they do not fit into a certain ideological framework. Rather, we must encourage them to think critically and explore a wide range of perspectives, even those that may be uncomfortable or challenging.

So let us embrace the legacy of Dr. Seuss and other great authors who have inspired generations of readers, and let us stand firm against the cancel culture that seeks to silence them. Together, we can ensure that our children have the freedom to explore the world of ideas and become the well-rounded, thoughtful, and engaged citizens our country needs.