Biden Administration DISAPPOINTS Again, This Time It’s SOMEONE New

Republican lawmakers have criticized Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for praising China’s efforts to tackle climate change.

Speaking at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, Granholm described China as a model for the United States to follow, noting that the country has invested heavily in solutions to achieve its goals.

The comments prompted backlash from GOP House members, who accused Granholm of supporting China over American energy producers.

August Pfluger, a Republican representative from Texas, described her remarks as “unserious and harmful,” while Rep. Larry Buschon from Indiana called for her resignation, saying she was “delusional.”

Ashley Hinson, a representative from Iowa, added that China is the world’s top polluter and accused the Biden administration of taking China’s lies at face value.

Granholm’s comments come as the U.S. and China have agreed to cooperate on the climate crisis, though some experts doubt China’s commitment to protecting the climate.

The country recently hit a record for coal production, with 55% of its energy now coming from coal compared to 11% in the U.S. Despite this, Granholm praised China’s efforts, saying that the U.S. could learn from them.

The Biden administration has taken a number of steps to address climate change, including cracking down on appliances such as washers and fridges, which some critics have described as “overregulation on steroids.”

Republicans have been critical of the administration’s climate policies, arguing that they will harm American businesses and jobs.