Barr demands action from AG Garland in wake of Hunter Biden plea deal.

Former Trump administration official Kash Patel has issued a compelling call to action, urging House Republicans to uncover the truth surrounding the Biden bribery probe. Patel, a respected national security adviser, emphasizes the critical importance of transparency and accountability in our government.

As concerned citizens, we have a responsibility to demand answers and uphold the principles that our nation was founded upon. Patel passionately asserts that the fight for documents related to the Biden bribery probe goes beyond political affiliations; it is a fight for the integrity of our democratic processes.

To achieve our objective, Patel proposes a strategic approach of selectively reevaluating funding for the FBI and DOJ. This does not mean defunding these agencies entirely, but rather redirecting resources from extravagant expenditures to their core responsibilities. By holding them accountable for their lavish privileges, such as private jets and excessive luxury, we send a resounding message that no one is above the law.

Supporting Patel’s call for justice, former Attorney General William Barr emphasizes the urgent need for the DOJ to release a document exposing a criminal bribery scheme involving President Biden. Barr highlights the significance of fairness and accountability, stating that there can be no room for a double standard in our justice system.

The release of the FD-1023 form, while ensuring the safety of confidential sources, is crucial to upholding the principles of justice. Attorney General Garland must take immediate and decisive action to address corruption, restore trust in our institutions, and fulfill the expectations of the American people.

We must remain steadfast in our pursuit of truth, refusing to accept delays and obfuscation. The Biden administration cannot continue to hinder the release of essential documents. It is time to dismantle the two-tier system of justice and ensure that transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of our democracy.

Republicans must unite, driven by unwavering determination and a commitment to the American people. We have a duty to fight for truth, integrity, and the preservation of our democratic values.


The urgency for transparency in the Biden bribery probe grows stronger as former Trump administration official Kash Patel and former Attorney General William Barr demand accountability and the release of crucial documents. We, as American citizens, must continue to champion the cause of truth and hold our government to the highest standards of transparency. Attorney General Garland must act swiftly to address corruption and restore faith in our justice system.

We cannot allow redaction games and delays to impede the pursuit of justice. It is imperative that we dismantle the two-tier system of justice and reaffirm the principles upon which our nation was built. Let us stand together, united in our commitment to transparency, and ensure that our government serves the interests of the American people above all else. The fight for truth continues, and it is our duty to never waver in our pursuit of justice.

Source Fox News