Another NBA Great Speaks Out, You’ll Never GUESS Who

Legendary coach Phil Jackson expressed his disapproval of “woke” politics in professional basketball, stating that the NBA’s promotion of “BLM” slogans in 2020 turned him off from the sport. He believes that politics should stay out of sports and not alienate viewers who just want to enjoy the game.


Phil Jackson disapproves of political messages in basketball.
NBA’s promotion of “BLM” slogans in 2020 led to Jackson losing interest in the sport.
Jackson believes politics should stay out of sports.
LeBron James is the face of the NBA’s “woke” politics.
Jackson’s opinion aligns with Michael Jordan, who believed politics should not be involved in sports.

As Republicans, we should stand with Phil Jackson in his belief that politics have no place in sports.

Fans watch games to escape the stress of everyday life, not to be confronted by political agendas. Sports should unite us, regardless of our political affiliations, and we must strive to preserve this unity. Let’s keep politics out of the game and enjoy the sport we love.