Another High-Profile Lawsuit Gets Major Funding, You’ll Never GUESS Who

Billionaire Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and a major Democratic donor, has been revealed as the secret financier behind E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. Hoffman’s involvement was disclosed in correspondence between lawyers for both sides, and Trump’s legal team is now seeking to delay the trial.


Hoffman’s involvement is further evidence of the political bias and partisan agenda behind this lawsuit and other attacks against Trump and his allies.
The Democrats and their wealthy backers are determined to undermine Trump’s control over the Republican Party and will stop at nothing to do so.
We must stand up against these efforts to smear our leaders and defend our principles against their constant attacks.

The revelation of Reid Hoffman’s involvement in the sexual assault lawsuit against Trump is just the latest example of the political bias and dirty tactics employed by the Democrats and their wealthy supporters.

We must not allow them to continue to undermine our movement and our leaders with baseless allegations and political theater. We must stand together and defend our values and principles against their constant attacks.