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The Davis County School District in Utah is considering banning the Bible from its campuses after a parent complained about the book’s contents. The parent claimed that the Bible is one of the most sex-ridden books around and cited Utah Code Ann.

§ 76-10-1227, a law passed in 2022 that orders all books with pornographic or indecent content to be removed from Utah schools’ classrooms and libraries.

The district’s committee will review the request and follow the proper process, according to a spokesperson. Republican Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory ridiculed the request, calling it an antic that drains school resources.


The House Democrats’ bill is aiming to address the shortcomings of the current infrastructure system of the US.

The bill aims to rebuild roads and bridges, modernize public transportation, enhance broadband connectivity, and provide affordable housing and childcare.

The Republicans are opposing the bill as they claim it is too expensive, includes unnecessary provisions, and raises taxes on the wealthy.
The bill includes climate change provisions, including the promotion of electric vehicles and clean energy infrastructure.

The House Democrats are hoping to pass the bill before the midterms and see it as an opportunity to showcase their commitment to delivering on their campaign promises.

As a Republican, I strongly oppose the House Democrats’ infrastructure bill. While I agree that the US infrastructure system needs improvement, this bill is not the solution. It is simply too expensive and includes many unnecessary provisions.

Additionally, raising taxes on the wealthy will only hurt our economy and hinder job growth.

While the bill includes some climate change provisions, they are not worth the cost. The Democrats need to focus on passing a bill that is fiscally responsible and does not burden our economy with unnecessary spending.