Another Family Name In The Mix, You’ll Never Guess Who

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, has been investigating the Biden family’s business dealings, aiming to determine their impact on national security and President Joe Biden’s potential compromise.

The committee has obtained financial records linking the Biden family to millions of dollars from China and Romania. A credible whistleblower disclosed an unclassified FBI-generated record documenting conversations involving bribes to then-Vice President Biden.

After initial resistance, the FBI allowed committee members to review the record. The allegations in the record align with the financial records obtained by the committee.


  1. The FBI has confirmed an ongoing investigation into the allegations contained in the record.
  2. The confidential source providing the information is a trusted informant with a long-standing relationship with the FBI.
  3. The Bidens have used complex financial transactions and numerous limited liability companies to obscure the sources of money.
  4. Disinformation campaigns from the left highlight the need for the FBI to release the unclassified record.
  5. Democrats’ attempts to downplay the allegations and discredit the investigation are unfounded.

These revelations raise serious concerns about the Biden family’s business dealings and the potential compromise of President Biden. The FBI’s initial reluctance and subsequent compliance with the House Oversight Committee’s demands reflect the need for transparency and accountability.

Democrats’ attempts to dismiss the allegations and discredit the investigation only further underscore the urgency for a thorough examination. As Republicans, we must continue to follow the facts, demand answers, and restore trust in our institutions.

The House Oversight Committee, under Chairman Comer’s leadership, remains committed to ensuring justice and holding those responsible accountable. Together, we will safeguard our democracy and protect the interests of the American people.

Source Fox News