Another Biden Scandal Erupts, Get Ready for This Jaw-Dropping Revelation

Republican leaders of two key House panels are investigating the Biden administration over its fossil fuel leasing practices.

The investigation was prompted by a leaked memo from a former Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director, Amanda Lefton, who recommended charging energy companies a royalty rate of 18.75% for a large oil and gas lease sale in Alaska.

The Republicans, led by Oversight Chairman James Comer of Kentucky and Natural Resources Chairman Bruce Westerman of Arkansas, sent a letter to a senior Department of the Interior official informing her of the probe.

The letter criticized DOI’s continued delays in oil and gas leasing and Laura Daniel-Davis’ decision to prioritize climate considerations over energy security.

In the letter, the Republicans stated that the Biden administration has obstructed America’s energy producers in an effort to force a radical Green New Deal agenda on the American people.

They argued that the Democrats’ ongoing war against America’s oil and gas industry has only driven energy prices higher, and families across the country are paying the price.

The Republicans believe that DOI should be prioritizing economic development and American energy security instead of pushing the administration’s climate agenda.

Congress must ensure that DOI is fulfilling its responsibility to advance policies that unleash American energy production and strengthen an industry that provides good-paying job opportunities.