ANOTHER Biden Failed Promise And This CRISIS Keeps Growing

Passionate Republican voters, we need to talk about the fentanyl crisis that is currently plaguing our nation. This crisis has been brewing for years, and it has only gotten worse under the Biden administration. Joe Biden made promises to address this crisis during his campaign, but he has failed to deliver on those promises.

Let’s take a look at what Biden’s plan was for addressing the opioid crisis. His plan was to make fentanyl a top priority in our dealings with China, enhance cooperation with Mexican authorities to disrupt the movement of heroin and fentanyl across the U.S.-Mexico border, and enforce sanctions on international actors engaged in the trafficking of illicit drugs like heroin and fentanyl. However, Biden has simply refused to deal with any of it.

The first prong of the foreign policy solution to the fentanyl crisis is closing down the border we share with Mexico. This would not only address the immigration crisis but also the drug cartels that are shipping fentanyl and its ingredients across the border.

However, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the immigration crisis and is not doing enough to address the drug cartels.

Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed by immigrants, and they cannot address the drugs that are being shipped across the border. With understaffed and overworked border security, how many shipments of drugs are slipping past? The few busts that have been made have been massive, but we cannot catch them all.

The second prong of the foreign policy solution to the fentanyl crisis is working harder against Chinese drug manufacturers who are selling the chemicals needed to make the drugs to the cartels. However, the Biden administration has been unable to come up with a coherent foreign policy regarding China.

On one hand, they are glad to let a Chinese spy balloon sail across the country, despite its clear threat to American sovereignty. At the same time, they are also okay with alienating China through various diplomatically tense exchanges.

China understands that we won’t be tough on them, so they have no need to rein in the drug and chemical manufacturers in their own country as those same companies sell their goods to Mexican cartels.

Because of the Biden administration’s total capitulation on both Mexico and China, the fentanyl crisis has only grown worse under his watch.

While there are plenty of activist groups willing to offer ideas and solutions, the Biden administration has been so wrapped up in focusing on Ukraine and environmentalism that very little else has actually gotten accomplished. When it comes to helping the people Joe Biden is supposed to be working for, he seems to have very little interest.

Passionate Republican voters, it is time to demand action from the Biden administration on the fentanyl crisis. We cannot let this crisis continue to devastate our communities.

We need to close the border and stop the drug cartels from shipping their deadly products into our country. We need to pressure China to crack down on illicit fentanyl production in their country and stop the flow of the drug into the United States. The time for action is now, and we need to hold the Biden administration accountable for their inaction on this critical issue.