An Unexpected Alliance Forming For Hunter Education

Hey there, conservatives of all ages! Get ready for a story that affects us all, no matter our age or background. The Biden administration recently decided to cut funding for school hunting education and archery classes. Yep, you read that right. Let’s break it down and see why this matters to all of us.

Biden’s Slip-Up: Targeting School Hunting and Archery

Hold onto your hats, because this just in from Fox News: The Department of Education realized they goofed by pulling the plug on programs that teach kids skills like archery and hunter safety. These programs have been under attack from some folks on the Left who think it’s a good idea to keep students from learning about responsible gun ownership and outdoor fun.

Why We Care: Biden’s School Hunting Move

Not long ago, the Education Department made waves by announcing that programs like archery and hunter education were losing their funding. Their reasoning? They consider these activities to involve “”technically dangerous weapons,”” so they don’t want to support them under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It’s almost like they’re speaking a different language.

Standing Up for What’s Right: Pushing Back Against Biden

Guess what? This isn’t just about hunting and archery. It’s also about our Second Amendment rights. The Biden administration seems to want to chip away at our rights to bear arms. But hey, we won’t stand for that!

Our Heroes in Congress: Protecting Our Values

Thank goodness for our Republican representatives in Congress. Representatives Mark Green and Richard Hudson have our back with a cool-sounding law called the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act. They want to stop the Education Department from messing up our chances to learn important skills. We’re talking about safeguarding our values and traditions, people!

You Matter in This Fight: Defending Our Values

So, all you high school seniors and under, this matters to you too! We can’t let the Biden administration take away chances to learn cool stuff and exercise our rights. We’ll keep you in the loop as this fight goes on, because guess what? It’s your future, your education, and your rights that are on the line. Stay strong, stay informed, and keep fighting for what’s right!

Source Fox News