A Supreme Court Shocker, You’ll Never Believe Who Agrees on Tariffs

The Biden administration has surprisingly supported the steel tariffs implemented by former President Trump, and the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed. This decision protects national security and American manufacturing jobs. Additionally, the Supreme Court is preparing to make rulings that could impact climate change lawsuits.


Biden administration supports Trump’s steel tariffs, with the Supreme Court concurring.
Tariffs protect national security and American manufacturing employment.
The Supreme Court’s decision to deny USP Holdings Inc.’s appeal was unanimous.
The Supreme Court is poised to make significant rulings on climate change lawsuits.
Progressive states and cities are pursuing lawsuits, attempting to use state law to bypass established principles.

While it’s rare to see agreement between the Biden and Trump administrations, this instance of unity is a positive development for conservatives. It’s a testament to the importance of the steel tariffs for national security and American manufacturing jobs. As the Supreme Court moves forward with rulings on climate change lawsuits, we hope they will continue to uphold conservative values.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/victory-trump-72189/