A Potential Power Shift That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

As conservatives, we cannot ignore the troubling reality of Joe Biden’s administration. From the moment he took office, it has become abundantly clear that Biden’s policies and actions are detrimental to our nation’s well-being.

One of the most concerning aspects of Biden’s presidency is his choice for vice president, Kamala Harris. Despite her impressive resume, including a law degree from UC Hastings and previous positions as district attorney and California attorney general, Harris has been a disappointment. Her frequent word salads and consistently low approval ratings paint a troubling picture of her ability to lead.

Critics argue that Harris is a “Biden fall away” from assuming the presidency, a scenario that raises serious concerns. A mid-May poll revealed that only 37% of respondents approve of Harris’ job performance, while an April poll conducted by Fox News found that just 43% of voters approve of her performance in office. These numbers are indicative of the lack of support and trust she has garnered.

Even commentators on Fox News, a trusted conservative source, have expressed skepticism about Harris’ capabilities. Tom Shillue pointed out that voters have never been particularly fond of Harris, and her selection as Biden’s running mate was surprising considering her previous criticisms of him. Unfortunately, her performance in office has only worsened since then, leaving little confidence in her ability to lead effectively.

Additionally, Harris’ communication style has been a cause for concern. She has been observed talking to adults as if they were children, raising doubts about her professionalism and suitability for the role. This mismatch between her accomplishments and her actual performance has left many conservatives perplexed.

As conservatives, we must recognize the reality of Joe Biden’s administration and its potential consequences. The path to the presidency for Kamala Harris is uncertain but concerning. We need strong and effective leadership to steer our nation in the right direction, and unfortunately, Biden and Harris fall short in delivering that.

Source Fox News