A-List Actor Calls Black History Month an “Insult”, This Will Shock You

Morgan Freeman, the renowned actor, recently criticized the term “African-American” and Black History Month, calling them both “insults.” Freeman argued that black people have been given many different labels throughout history and that these current terms are not accurate or helpful.

While some may disagree with Freeman’s stance on these issues, his bold perspective is sure to resonate with passionate Republicans who value individualism and free speech.


Morgan Freeman believes that Black History Month is an insult and that it reduces the complexity and diversity of black history.
Freeman also takes issue with the term “African-American,” arguing that it doesn’t accurately describe the black experience in America.
Freeman’s comments are likely to spark debate and discussion about the value and limitations of these labels.

As a passionate Republican voter, you may find yourself agreeing with Freeman’s perspective on these issues.
Freeman’s willingness to speak out and question the status quo is admirable and should be celebrated.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/morgan-freeman-tears-apart-black-history-month-insult-going-relegate-history-month