A Dramatic Solution to Homelessness, You Won’t Guess Who’s Behind It

Former President Donald Trump has announced his sweeping plan to tackle the homelessness crisis in America’s cities. Trump believes that once-great metropolises have become unlivable, unsanitary nightmares, surrendered to the homeless, the drug-addicted, and the violently deranged.

In his latest installment of “Agenda 47,” Trump stated that Americans should not have to endure walking down the street, stepping over piles of needles and waste. 2024 hopeful argued that the homeless have no right to turn every park and sidewalk into a place for them to squat and do drugs.

Trump plans to use every tool, lever, and authority to get the homeless off the streets. He plans to ban urban camping wherever possible and arrest violators of these bans. However, violators will be given the option to accept treatment and services if they’re willing to be rehabilitated.

For those who need help, Trump plans to open up large parcels of inexpensive land, bring in doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, and drug rehab specialists, and create 10 cities where the homeless can be relocated and their problems identified. Trump’s plan is a practical solution that will help address the underlying issues of homelessness.

Trump believes that it’s a tough task to tackle the homelessness crisis in America’s cities, but he’s determined to try. As he stated in his speech, “We will do it.”

source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/just-in-trump-announces-plan-to-end-homeless-nightmare-in-american-cities-mace/