A Closer Look At Recent Immigration Changes, You’ll Be Shocked

The Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis has come under intense scrutiny following recent revelations by former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan. Homan, a respected figure with extensive experience in immigration enforcement, has raised serious concerns about President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ approach to the situation.

In a candid interview on “The Story,” Homan pointed out the administration’s apparent prioritization of optics over addressing the real impact of the crisis on American citizens. He highlighted the administration’s fear of overcrowded facilities and its desire to avoid negative media coverage, accusing them of focusing on the appearance of the crisis rather than its resolution.

Homan emphasized that the same activists who criticized the Trump administration for overcrowded facilities and the separation of children from their guardians during processing are now silent about the current crisis. This blatant double standard raises questions about the administration’s motives and their commitment to addressing the border crisis in a transparent and effective manner.

Despite the Department of Homeland Security’s claims of countering smugglers’ lies about the border being open, Homan revealed a startling reality. Border patrol agents, who are crucial for maintaining border security, have been pulled from the front lines to process the overwhelming number of migrants. This diversion of resources puts the safety and security of Americans at risk.

As the expiration of Title 42, a policy allowing for the swift expulsion of illegal immigrants, looms closer, Homan warned that even more agents will be redirected from border security to the processing and release of migrants.

This redirection jeopardizes national security, enabling the potential infiltration of dangerous individuals and substances into the country.

Homan expressed deep concern about the administration’s disregard for the potential consequences of its actions. He highlighted the increased flow of fentanyl, the rising number of migrant fatalities, and the escalation of human trafficking as direct results of the administration’s misplaced priorities.

Chad Wolf, former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, joined Homan in criticizing the administration’s lack of enforcement and the flaws in its immigration initiatives.

He pointed out the numerous exemptions and loopholes in the new asylum rule introduced by Mayorkas, rendering it ineffective in addressing the crisis.

The American people deserve better. It is crucial for the administration to prioritize the safety and security of American citizens over political optics. President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas must take immediate action to address the border crisis effectively, secure our borders, and protect the nation from potential threats. Failure to do so would be a grave disservice to the American people and a betrayal of their trust.

Source Fox News