A Border Policy FAILURE, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Speaking Up

The Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis has been a significant concern for conservatives since taking office in January 2021. Despite having the Title 42 mandate in place, the administration has faced record levels of illegal border crossings. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently criticized the White House for their lack of preparation and inaction regarding the situation.

Sinema’s criticism highlights the need for immediate action and preparation to address the border crisis. The expiration of the Title 42 mandate has the potential to exacerbate the situation further, and it’s concerning to see the federal government neglect the issue.

The lack of information and support from the White House is also concerning, and it’s time for the administration to take responsibility and work towards finding a solution to this problem. As conservatives, we need our leaders to prioritize the safety and security of our country, and the border crisis is a significant issue that requires immediate attention.

Source Fox News