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The Left will do whatever they can to slander him…

During a discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” reporter Jonathan Lemire brought up Trump not paying respects to the deceased John Lewis.

The host, Joe Scarborough, then asked Lemire whether Trump was scared of honoring the “civil rights hero” because it “would hurt him with white voters.”

Specifically, Scarborough said, “Did they provide any explanation why he is, in fact, doing something that no other president would do, Republican or Democrat alike? You even heard Mitch McConnell offering glowing words to John Lewis. Why would the president be so obstinate about going over to see a civil rights hero? Any explanation from the staff? I know he’s been playing the race card aggressively. Does he actually think going to see a civil rights hero, an American saint, does he think that would hurt him with white voters?”

Lemire’s response was:

“Publicly, aides are saying it’s the president’s decision. Privately, they feel the president is too mindful of that, the signal he might be sending to white voters. And also, it’s someone with whom he feuded before. We know how he holds grudges. He did the same when Senator [John] McCain died. He did not pay his respects in any public way then either.”

The two fail to realize that both McCain and Lewis have berated Trump and indicated that he would not be allowed in any type of services held for them.

Trump realized that if people knew he was not on good terms with either McCain nor Lewis, and if he were to make a heartfelt speech, it would be deemed as fake.

He would be criticized for honoring just like he is being criticized now.

Read the whole story and watch a clip here.

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