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Here’s what they said.

According to CNS News, Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Steve Scalise slammed Democrats stating that they are using the coronavirus to push their agenda.

Cotton said, “(They) didn’t want to cooperate with Republicans, even though we worked on a bipartisan basis last year, to pass 5 bills, that spent almost $4 trillion to help our country get through this pandemic. It’s because they want to use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to fulfill a lot of longstanding liberal priorities.”

He added, “If you recall, Nancy Pelosi did this last March. She put the brakes on a bill that ultimately passed unanimously, but we had to spin our wheels for a couple days because Nancy Pelosi wanted money for some of the exact kind of things you just mentioned.”

He continued, “I mean, what does mass transit in San Francisco have to do with a global pandemic? It has nothing to do with it. It only has to do with Nancy Pelosi getting an earmark for her district, which this bill does across the country, bringing back earmarks of the kinds that Republicans have banned for a decade so we don’t have more bridges to nowhere.” You can read the full article here.

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