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Liberals and Communist China hate this!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently shared a picture on Twitter showing his dog’s favorite toys, and the photo instantly caused outrage a Winnie the Pooh toy was part of the favorites.

A BBC article was posted immediately stating, “It’s entirely possible that the post could be an innocent photograph of Mr. Pompeo’s dog and her toys, but there are other potential references worth noting in this picture.”

The article also added that “Winnie the Pooh is a common derogatory nickname for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The BBC article continued, “Mr. Pompeo may have picked up on ‘dog’ as a reference to either the U.S. or himself. The word ‘dog’ in Chinese is often used to reference people or countries that are regarded as aggressive, feral, or wild. The word ‘dog’ has previously been used by demonstrators in Hong Kong as a term of abuse for police officers. In mainland [communist] China, the U.S. and Mike Pompeo have both consistently been called ‘dogs.'”

Pompeo promptly replied saying, “Mercer has about 30 toys that Mercer enjoys, all of them roughly, apparently, equally depending on which one our other dog wants most, as Mercer’s first choice is the one the other dog has. So no, I imagine there were a series of stuffed animals, and they were equally — equally distributed for Mercer’s benefit.”

Looks like liberals are trying their hardest to find anything they can to attack Republicans. They are even speculating a toy is alluding to an attack against an individual.

Read the whole article here.

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