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Here’s what he said.

According to CNS News, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised President Joe Biden for nominating the “first openly transgender official ever confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”

“Now on the Levine nomination, today, the Senate will confirm the nomination of Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s top health official, to be the next Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services,” Schumer said.

“The Biden administration has brought many historic firsts into its ranks, including the first openly gay Cabinet Secretary at any Agency,” said Schumer. “The confirmation of Rachel Levine represents another important milestone for the American LGBTQ community. She will be the first openly transgender official ever confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”

“The arc of history is long, but it keeps bending in the direction of justice,” said Schumer. “As transgender Americans suffer higher rates of abuse, homelessness and depression than almost every other group, it is important to have national figures like Dr. Levine, who, by virtue of being in the public spotlight, will help break down barriers of ignorance and fear.” You can read the full article here.

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