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She just crossed the line.

According to the Daily Caller, Yahoo White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd attacked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany stating that she is comparable to a “bad ex-boyfriend.”

She started by stating that White House press briefings had been “refreshing,” likening McEnany to a “bad ex-boyfriend.”

“This is a growing problem for the Biden White House,” Shepherd continued.

“They like to keep a tight leash on their principal so he doesn’t come out in front of the camera and gaffe. I’d understand if I was a staffer, I’d have that perspective. But I’m never going to advocate against more transparency from Biden,” she said, adding that many of the president’s appearances were very controlled. “It is really manicured and it’s veneered … Something Trump did give us was the ability to kind of ask him unvarnished questions. Of course we would get ridiculous and crazy answers, but we knew what his perspective was at all times.” You can read the full article here.

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