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He’s not coming back from that…

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently stated that he was selling a poster depicting New York’s response to coronavirus.

He said, “I love history. I love poster art. Poster art is something they did in the early 1900s, late 1800s, when they had to communicate their whole platform on one piece of paper. Over the past few years I’ve done my own posters that capture that feeling. I did a new one for what we went through with COVID and I think the general shape is familiar to you. We went up the mountain, we curved the mountain, we came down the other side and these are little telltale signs that, to me, represent what was going on.”

The poster has garnered quite a bit of backlash online with Shaun King saying, “Your inaction and infighting with the Mayor caused thousands of deaths. Nearly every expert in the nation says had you acted sooner it could’ve saved nearly 10,000 lives. That you think it’s time for posters touting your ‘success‘ is troubling.”

Journalist Jeryl Bier also commented saying, “The narcissism and gall is stunning.”

Cuomo seems to not realize that many New Yorkers were killed because of his lack of action. It’s surprising that he hasn’t stepped down because of his failures.

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