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Are they allowed to do this?

Englewood City in Colorado has recently issued a mandate forcing all residents to wear face masks or face jail and/or a fine of $2,650.

A report by Fox News states, “All people taking public transportation are required to wear face masks. Drivers of public transportation services, like Uber and taxi services are required to wear a face mask unless members of their family are in the vehicle. Face coverings are not required when in a personal office and individuals are more than six feet apart from one another.”

It’s outrageous that cities are forcing citizens to wear masks when it has been proven that masks do little in preventing the spread of the virus.

The Colorado city is not the only city forcing their citizens to wear masks. West Hollywood has also been forcing their people to wear masks too.

A report from CBS-LA states: “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station said Wednesday it would start citing people for not wearing face coverings. The department said it took the step after receiving a number of complaints about people not wearing face coverings in West Hollywood.”

Liberals are starting to get more and more power hungry. Read the full story here.

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