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He’s got other plans…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has again refused to align with Pelosi on impeaching Trump and stated that there are other ways of having Trump reprimanded.

McCarthy sent a letter to House Republicans that read:

Personally, I continue to believe that an impeachment at this time would have the opposite effect of bringing our country together when we need to get American back on a path towards unity and civility. Notwithstanding the Speaker’s push towards impeachment, I have heard from members across our conference who have raised at least four potential avenues available to the House to ensure that the events of January 6 are rightfully denounced and prevented from occurring in the future. These include:

1. A Resolution of Censure under the Rules of the House

2. A Bipartisan Commission to Investigate the Circumstances Surrounding the Attack

3. Reforming the Electoral Count Act of 1887, and

4. Legislation to Promote Voter Confidence

I thank the members who have researched and brought forth these concepts. I ask our conference to consider each on their merits and plan to discuss with all of you during our member meeting later today and ahead of votes in the House this week.

Many Democrats along with some Republicans have stated that they believe Trump has at least some responsibility for the riot that occurred recently and that some type of punishment should be received.

Read the whole story here.

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