Image Credit: The Texas Tribune

Did she really just say that!?

Democratic Texas state representative Rhetta Bowers was recently recorded stating that her conservative opponent “needs a whippin.”

Bowers was on a call and said, “Right now we have a commanding lead over Will Douglas. We have a commanding lead. If the election had been done today, the poll was done, we would have been Bowsers 53 to Douglas 36.”

“He’s said some things, and he continues to say some things, and he’s young enough, I don’t know if he’s young enough for me to be his mama but I felt like he needed a whoopin the other night, when he said some things. And I awakened the next day feeling like, that boy needs a whippin. And so I’m ready to do that. And I know I can’t do that without you all.”

Her choice of words could be a detriment to the rest of her campaign.

Read the rest of the article here.

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