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Is the mainstream media not going to fact check this?

Recently, Joe Biden falsely stated that he told President Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act in January.

During an airing of MSNBC, Biden said, “You may recall, I, uh, all the way back in January, warned of this pandemic was coming. I talked about what we needed to do. I talked early on about the defense act that allows him to go and say to a company, ‘Manufacture the following things,’ and so on.”

The website released a statement saying that what Biden said was in fact COMPLETELY FALSE. The statement reads:

Prior to March 18, we found instances of Biden talking generally, as he did on March 12, about the need to “surge our capacity” at hospitals, and make “sure communities have the hospital beds available, the staff, the medical supplies, the personal protective equipment necessary to treat the patient.”

Biden did not mention the Defense Production Act in the Democratic debate on March 15, where he encouraged viewers to see his full, detailed plan to combat COVID-19 on his campaign website. Nor does that plan, which was initially posted to the campaign website on March 12, mention the Defense Production Act.

Biden was down right lying to everyone watching the show. This is the person Democrats want as a president. He will bring America down with him.

Read the whole story here.

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